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South African Centre for Information Security

If you wish to contact us for media brief, executive brief, interview or any engagement to intesify cyber crime awareness in South Africa please feel free.

Many cyber crime victims in South Africa are in touch with us. We would be pleased to hear from you. We have established a cyber crime victims counselling services online. We would like to shape our services around local victims and frame our services in order to address South African specific cyber challenges. Feel free to call and talk to us.

Many of you are victims of online dating fraud, phishing fraud, spear phishing fraud and other different types of attacks. The only way to avoid being victims next time is to learn more about how the attackers work and what methods they use to lure innocent computer users.

Tel: 073 881 8724

Fax: 086 5435 444

If you snail mail send us your experience to

P.O. Box 1320, Crown Mines, Johannesburg 2015, RSA

Contact us at: info[at]sacfis.co.za

You can contact the team leader in confidence at - beza[at]sacfis.co.za








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