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"Anyone can learn to break into a computer. The hard part is how to defend yourself"
Carolyn Meinel, a hacker.

"If I want to steal money, a computer is a much better tool than a handgun. It would take a long time to steal $10 million with a handgun"
Daniel Geer, security expert to a House subcommittee in 1997

Willie Sutton infamous bank robber was asked why he robs banks, He said "that's where the money is and that's where the pay of is" Banks are targets for most major threats because that's where the money is. Financial institutions are faced with major threats from script kiddies, bright programmers, spammers, hackers and digital outlaws. Some of the major risks banks are exposed to are:

  • Organized digital crime;
  • Scam
  • Fraudulent Internet Web sites [Phishing];
  • Hacking and cracking;
  • Viruses, worms, trojans
  • Key loggers [recent case of South African Bank fraud];
  • Web site defacement;
  • Unauthorized disclosure of confidential information;
  • Electronic cash;
  • Identity theft[Phishing];
  • ATM fraud and theft ;
  • Information warfare;
  • Denial of service attacks where systems are inaccessible to legitimate users;
  • Invasion of digital privacy;
  • Reputation

We can assess and plan around your greatest security priorities, as well as develop a security plan that will focus on your individual business needs, such as:

  • Building an information security program that meets your specific organizational and compliance needs.
  • Creating a program to meet online banking/fraud challenges.
    Creating awareness that help bank’s clients to know risks of using ATMs and other facilities
  • Inventorying critical assets and accessing points to your data across the organization.
  • Developing a custom certification program for your outsourcers, partners, and vendors.
  • Assessing your vulnerabilities , finding gaps and redundancies in information security practices.
  • Prioritizing threats to, and risks and assets of your organization.
  • Demonstrating ongoing compliance to your partner, auditors and customers.
  • Improving your ability to offer new services by securing your applications .
  • Information security awareness campaign for clients and staff

‘Internet-based crime is going to increase as people’s access to technology increases, and as people go online more often. And the sophistication of it will increase as well.’

The ability of people to hack into systems and extract data, using anything from Trojans to key-logging devices, is growing massively.

‘The risk lies in hackers extracting data on cards. The value is in data and information rather than getting money out, which raises the insider element,’ said Cook.

‘And if they don’t have the physical card, they can still perpetrate CNP crime if the retailer does not have the relevant security processes in place, such as a system for checking the card’s verification number.

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We now live, work and play in the digital age.








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