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Each year cyber intrusions have cost an estimated $20 billion worldwide. The speed of malicious cyber attacks have increased dramatically in recent years assaulting the Nation’s information networks and critical infrastructure interdependencies that are composed of both private and public institutions of energy, utilities, banking, transportation, telecommunications and human services

Governments, Military organizations, Minining, Power, Water, other utilities and virtually any business could not operate without Information technology - hence the attraction for criminals: computers now contain most of both the money and information they want. In the wired age, where connectivity is all no one is safe from computer crime attack. National critical infrastructure such as telecommunication, water and electricity supply and the military are constanty under attack.

On top of the existing and developing technologies there is the Internet. More than anything ever before the worldwide web transcends the traditional restrictions of location and security. Geographic location becomes increasingly unimportant - it doesn’t matter where you are or where your bank is. The flip side of this coin is that criminals can attack from anywhere across the globe and disappear just as easily. If it hasn’t already done so, the Internet will transform the way we:

  • Communicate
  • Obtain information
  • Use financial services
  • Conduct business
  • Govern countries, states and individuals
A company's management team is directly responsible for the protection of its proprietary information and systems assets. As we all know, security breaches can result in significant financial loss, negative publicity, lawsuits and permanent damage to the business.







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