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SACfIS outreach division and activities strongly constitute its corporate social responsiblity programme. We will through this website and other media share information that will enable individual users and home users to secure thier information and information system.

We will through our online resource centre avail various types of software and information available for free public consumption.

We will create an awarness through education and public campaign tha will help individuals to be aware of potential security risks and the available safeguards for their systems.

Our awarness programme will help users to be responsible for maintaining the security of their systems. For example, they need to update their systems and software regularly or understand and implement common security practices

CIS will committ itself for continous support of individual and home users of computers and other information systems.

To this end we have planned the following activities.

National Information Security Day
Cyber Security Awarness Campaign
Distribute informational posters and flyers
Online and Print version of InfoSec Brief Magazine
Public lectures on emerging threats to our info assets








Upcoming Events


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