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SACfIS researchers in the information security area will be involved on a variety of projects that address fundamental challenges that will have to be overcome to secure information and information systems.

As computers become pervasive and applications become information rich, timely access to networked services and good quality information sources will be essential for the successful deployment of critical applications. It will also be necessary that security mechanisms do not adversely impact the ease with which humans will be able to interact with such applications.

The research problems being addressed in this context range from authentication and access control services for pervasive computing applications to quality-of-service and quality-of-information assurance in the presence of malicious entities.

We are also carrying out a research project that will help us to develop an indicator of the state of information security of various nations in the SADC region. We are confident we will receive the support of various organizations in sharing their experiences of information security breaches or any other malicious attacks and data loss.

Our guiding principle is confidentiality. We are strongly committed not to reveal the identity of an organization that we are working with to protect its credibility and reputation.

Our research also concentrates on developing appropriate policies for various threats your organization is facing. Internet being one of the major source of attack and the major source of valuable information, critical study must be carried out to figure out how best nations can utilize the Internet safely.

The Internet is the largest of a number of rapidly growing, extensively used, global computer-telecommunications networks. Entire economic sectors have become heavily dependent on similar networks, e.g., banking and finance, civil aviation.

Most of these transnational infrastructures are vulnerable to failure as a result of their own complexity, accident, or malicious attack. Making them more reliable, safe, and secure is a long overdue, and difficult. There is a serious research need the must be done in search of technological and policy solutions.

These solutions have to be built at several levels: enterprise, national, and international.



Current Research we are doing..

- Internal threat mitigation framework

- Offensive information warfare as a means of proactive defense

- Cloud computing security framework






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