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Download the complete conference outline (pdf 259 kb)

Overview of the conference

The 2011 Combating Cyber crime Workshop will give you the essential tools you need to detect, deter, and defeat the cyber criminals that are after your organisation's assets!

Learn about the latest practices, trends, technologies and techniques used by today's most sophisticated cyber criminals. And gain practical knowledge to help your organization protect itself – and your customers – against a growing epidemic of corporate account hijacking, data leakage, insider threat, social network attack, Wikileaks saga, cloud crime


Highlights of the workshop

The workshop will concentrate on key current crucial threats and areas:

  • Current cyber crime business models, trends, intrusion and attacks
  • Cyber crime and Wikileaks phenomena
  • Cyber crime against Cloud computing
  • Malicious insiders’ as vicious cyber criminal
  • Social networking as playground of cyber criminals
  • The growing threat of cyber espionage targeting nations’ and companies trade secrets.
  • Legislative and jurisdiction challenges of cyber crime in Ethiopia

Detailed objectives

The workshop will enable delegates to:

  • Focus on the new developments and threats in the field of High-Tech and Cyber crime.
  • Exchange good practices related to combating Cyber crime.
  • Understand the impact of cyber crime on business and individuals
  • Learn trends developments and business models of cyber crime
  • Understand and use the latest preventative measures that constitute best practice in combating cyber crime
  • Strengthen the knowledge and application of combating cyber crime techniques
  • Learn best practices of combating cyber crime from different parts of the world.
  • Strengthen networking and active participation in combating cyber crime.
  • Develop strategies and a blueprint of action for combating various types of cyber crimes
  • Learn crucial strategies and practices to prevent data loss
  • Develop techniques, best practices and strategies to defend your valuable information assets.
  • Influence leaders, including key policy makers and executives, to increase their commitment to combat cyber crime

Intended for:


CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, Business Owners, Managing Directors, IT Managers, Diplomats, Office Staff, Online Traders, Online Buyers, Manufacturers, Lawyers, Magistrates, Computer users, Government officials, Police officers, Diplomats, Intelligence Analysts, Senior military officers, IT lecturers, Cyber Crime Investigators.

Download the complete conference outline (pdf 259 kb)

Further Information and application form-
Contact - StarCom Network Solutions Plc
info@sacfis.co.za or daniel@sacfis.co.za : www.sacfis.co.za
Tel (011) 4-669 642 - Addis Ababa Fax (011) 4-669 643

Please register early to ensure a place -
fax registration form to (011) 4-669 643.


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April 4 - 6 2011 Combating cyber crime conference - Gaborone

March 30-31 2011Cyber Crime prevention conference - Addis Ababa

March 23-24 - 2011Combating cyber crime conference - Johannesburg.

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South African Centere for Information Security in the News

July 2010 -
SACfIS to speak on 3rd Annual ITEX ICT Conference on Social Media and Security issues

May 2010
- SACfIS CEO presented a ground breaking offensive cyberwarfare framework at the 2nd Annual Kuwait ICT Security Forum in Kuwait City.

July 2009 - SACfIS to partner with a prominent South African security consulting company Telspace. Telspace is a leader in penetration testing, web application and wireless hacking.

May 2009
- SACfIS CEO speaks at the annual IT WEB security summit. Beza presented a framework on offensive defensive strategy for engaging in information warfare.

February 2009 - SACfIS CEO speaks at 3rd Network and Endpoint security summit in Nairobi.

October 2009 - SACfIS CEO speaks at 2nd IT Governace and Audit summit in Nairobi, Kenya. Mr. Belayneh presented on current web application threats and key measures thta must be taken.

January 2009 - SACfIS CEO speaks on the need for ICT R & D capacity development in Brussels. He cited information security as a key area that requires support and strategic collaboration for increasing ICT uptake and trust in technology.


For more information email Daniel - daniel[at]sacfis.co.za

Tel: +251-114-669642
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